Basic Plan

Our basic plan is a self-serve no-code platform, which lets traders calculate the Probability of Profit of their next trade for risk management and bet sizing purposes all for $99 USD/month. 

How it Works

Our AI algorithm learns from users’ past trading records together with user-provided input features to compute the Probability of Profit for their next trade.

We can identify and rank important predictors (e.g. technical, fundamental, macroeconomic) that affect a user’s Probability of Profit.

Users can instantly see the predictive performance results for in-sample and out-of-sample datasets.

What's Included

Basic Plan

Basic users can train a machine learning model based on their historical trading results and receive predictive performance results as well as a downloadable file that contains the trained model. These Probability of Profit can be used as a risk-management layer to improve the risk-adjusted returns of a portfolio or strategy.

Basic users have access to:

  • No Code Interface
  • Classification and Regression predictions
  • Feature Selection Methods (SHAP & cMDA) 
  • Explainable Performance Results
  • Financial Machine Learning educational content
  • Up to 400 MB of storage & 5 hours of CPU usage

Other Plans