Crypto Plan

This plan provides users with a crypto-specific feature zoo and an alpha generation algorithm specific for the crypto markets. Users will gain access to our 800+ features that are designed to capture various types of market activity. This includes subtle movements to large overarching trends.

How it Works

The prospective client signs a mutual NDA with us to protect the IP of the user’s trading techniques and the IP of our pre-engineered input features. The client will get one month of free trial to see if these features improve their risk adjusted returns.

The Crypto user gains access to all the benefits of the basic plan, as well as access to a free month of API access including our crypto feature zoo and our CPO technique.

If a user wants to continue their subscription after the free trial period, they can sign an annual contract with us. During the contract's term, users will gain access to time with a consultant from the team.

What You Get

Crypto Plan

This plan gives users access to 800+ crypto-specific features, designed to capture various types of market activity. It also offers a proprietary short term trading strategy, with an out-of-sample backtest Sharpe ratio of 5.96 and annualized return of 227%. Users also gain access to our patent pending CPO technique, which was shown to improve the Sharpe ratio of a crypto portfolio by a factor of 3.8 (read more here).

Crypto users have access to:

  • All elements of our Basic Plan
  • 800+ pre-engineered features
  • Rest API
  • Alpha generation algorithm
  • CPO optimization algorithm
  • Consultation time with a machine learning expert

Want to learn more?

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If you’re interested in learning more about our crypto trading signals, or using our features to improve your own crypto strategy or portfolio, please contact us at

If you’re interested in an enterprise Proof-of-Concept project with us, please see our enterprise page, here.

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