Corrective AI

Applying Machine Learning 
to System Optimization

Our Corrective AI Approach believes in harnessing the true potential of machine learning to refine and enhance human decision-making, rather than replacing it entirely. This concept, which we call Corrective AI, forms the core of our platform, empowering hedge funds and financial institutions to optimize their trading strategies with the aid of machine learning predictions. By leveraging the power of big data and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, enables hedge funds to accurately forecast the probability of profitable trades for their next investment decisions. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing prediction models, allowing firms to concentrate on their core financial activities while becoming more productive, intelligent, and efficient through machine learning. With as your strategic partner, hedge funds can unlock a new level of productivity, intelligence, and efficiency in their trading operations. Our bespoke machine learning solutions empower you to make well-informed and data-driven decisions, optimizing your trading performance and driving greater financial success.


Features provides tailored, pre-engineered input features for the financial sector that specialize in enhancing error prediction in decision-making, empowering hedge funds for precise and profitable forecasting.


Our proprietary Conditional Portfolio Optimization technique is an advanced algorithm that's extremely effective for portfolio asset allocation and trading parameter optimization calculations.

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Our pre-engineered features combined with our CPO method can all be used to optimize trading decisions via our easy-to-use, no-code user interface as well as directly through our API

The Process’s approach is to synergize a hedge fund’s domain expertise and intelligence with our Corrective AI and advanced data science capabilities. We aim to seamlessly integrate our solutions into the existing decision-making systems of the financial industry, without displacing established practices. To accomplish this, we meticulously assess the hedge fund’s current data infrastructure, enabling us to develop an expanded and comprehensive feature set. Leveraging our proprietary machine learning technology, we further enhance the data with specialized pre-engineered features tailored to the financial domain. Through this harmonious fusion of expertise and technology, we empower hedge funds with true big data-driven optimization predictions. Our mission is to accurately predict the probability of profitable trades for your next investment decisions, harnessing the power of big data to steer your fund towards greater profitability and success.

Our Verticals

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturers can use machine learning to deduce more from their equipment sensor measurements allowing for real-time adjustments to their manufacturing processes. These adjustments include, predicting equipment failure, minimizing cycle time, and virtual metrology.


Airlines can use Corrective AI to increase the factors in their prediction model. This is especially useful for determining the probability of demand on a flight, leading to an optimized flight schedule and maximum revenue.

Asset Management

Our asset management offerings augment a user’s past trading record with big data, to compute the probability of profit for their next trade. These probability predictions can then be used for risk-management as well as capital allocation.

Energy and Mining

With our data science expertise, oil and gas firms can enhance the physical oil well measurement datasets to achieve more accurate predictions of oil well productivity. Our solutions don't replace the existing, well-trusted formulas in the industry; instead they aim to correct their accuracy.

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