Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plan is for companies who wish to partner with to explore a novel application of machine learning to improve their business processes. Enterprise projects are not limited to the financial industry, as the team has already been exploring projects ranging from oil and gas exploration to semiconductor manufacturing.

How it Works

1. Collaboration Proposal

Both parties tentatively agree on a proposed collaboration.

2. NDA and the enterprise client sign a Mutual NDA.

3. Proof of Concept Proposal

3-month Proof of Concept project is negotiated and initiated, with objectives outlined in a non-binding Letter of Intent.

4. Proof of Concept Completed researchers conduct a proof of concept project where they work to prove the effectiveness of the project.

5. Contract and the client sign a contract for a minimum of one year duration.

What You Get

Enterprise Plan

The deliverables of an Enterprise project will be customized to the users needs. Generally, this involves using machine learning to optimize the performance of an existing business process based on computing a Probability of Success for uncertain outcomes, using our cMDA algorithm to rank the important predictors, or using our CPO optimization algorithm to find the best operating parameters.

Although our patent pending CPO technique was initially developed for financial trading and portfolio optimization, it’s also useful in other industry verticals that require optimization, such as energy management, air traffic control, logistic scheduling, and more.

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