Premium Plan

Our Premium plan is for institutional traders and funds that would like assistance integrating machine learning to their investment process. This plan will help traders with feature engineering and building effective use cases. 

How it Works

The prospective client signs a mutual NDA with us to protect the IP of the user’s trading techniques and the IP of our pre-engineered input features. The client will get one month of free trial to see if these features improve their risk adjusted returns.

The Premium user gains access to all the benefits of the basic plan, as well as access to a free month of API access including our feature zoo and our CPO technique.

If a user wants to continue their subscription after the free trial period, they can sign an annual contract with us. During the contract's term, users will gain access to time with a consultant from the team.

What You Get

Premium Plan

This plan is designed for traders with minimal data science experience. Once a contract has been signed, users will have access to 8 hours of consultation with the team to address any requirements, such as API onboarding, feature engineering, or CPO implementation needs.

Premium users have access to:

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